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January 2012
Monday9First meeting after Christmas
Tuesday10First meeting after Christmas
Friday13First meeting after Christmas
Monday16Explorer Eagle Trophy
February 2012
Saturday4District Cooking Competition
Monday13Half term - no meeting
Tuesday14Half term - no meeting
Friday17Half term - no meeting
Sunday26"Chilly Cub 2"
March 2012
Wednesday7Explorer Cooking Competition
Saturday17All sections: Village clearance project
Sunday18All sections: Mothers Day service - Ripley Church
April 2012
Wednesday11Introduction to Backpacking
Thursday12Introduction to Backpacking
Friday13Introduction to Backpacking
Sunday22All sections: St Georges Day Parade
May 2012
Sunday13All sections: Church Service at HQ
Friday25All sections: AGM
June 2012
Friday1Scout Camp
Saturday2Scout Camp
Sunday3Scout Camp
Monday4Scout Camp
Tuesday5Scout Camp
Friday8District Cub Scout Camp
Saturday9District Cub Scout Camp
Sunday10District Cub Scout Camp
Saturday16BAZAZZ County Beaver Day
Friday22District Jubilee Camp
Saturday23District Jubilee Camp
Sunday24District Jubilee Camp
July 2012
Saturday7All sections: Ripley Rocks
Saturday21All sections: Ripley Event
September 2012
Friday14First meeting after Summer Holidays
Monday17First meeting after Summer Holidays
December 2012
Monday10Last meeting before Christmas
January 2013
Friday11All sections: Panto
Monday14First meeting after Christmas
July 2013
Saturday13All sections: Ripley Rocks
September 2013
Monday16First meeting after Summer Holidays
October 2013
Sunday6Grubby Cub
December 2013
Monday9Last meeting before Christmas

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